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TENANTS: Bid on residential rental prices or commercial leases. Landlords will be notified of your bid and contact you. We ask all landlords to reduce there rental expectations by 25%.
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LANDLORDS: List your residential rental or commercial lease for free. Prospective tenants will bid on your property. To insure interest and bidding on your property reduce your rental expectations by 25%.
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We offer free real estate related legal forms

Useful forms & applications

Rental and Lease Forms

  PDF File Assignment of Lease by Lessee with Consent of Lessor   PDF File Notice to Exercise Lease Option
  line   line
  PDF File Cancellation of Lease   Word File Parent Guarantor Form
  line   line
  PDF File Common Rental Abbreviations and Terms   PDF File Parking Space Lease
  line   line
  PDF File Deposit Receipt And Agreement   PDF File Pet Agreement
  line   line
  PDF File Early Termination of Contract   PDF File Receipt for Advance Rent
  line   line
  PDF File Extension of Lease Agreement   PDF File Rental Agreement (Month-to-Month)
  line   line
  PDF File Lease Agreement for Furnished House   PDF File Rental Agreement (Weekly)
  line   line
  PDF File Lease Notice   PDF File Residential Lease Agreement
  line   line
  PDF File Move-in / Move-out Checklist   PDF File Statement of Security Deposit Accounting
  line   line
  Word File Moving Condition Checklist   PDF File Tenant's Notice to Exercise Purchase Option
  line   line
  PDF File Notice of Intent to Vacate   PDF File Termination of Lease Obligation
  line   line
  PDF File Notice by Lessee of Intention to Renew Lease   PDF File Weekly Rental Agreement

Maintenance/Management Forms

  PDF File Compromise   PDF File Maintenance Work Order
  line   line
  PDF File Condition and Inventory   PDF File Maintenance/Repair Request Form
  line   line
  PDF File Maintenance guarantee
  line   line

Application & Verification Forms

  Word File Agreement to Terminate a Tenancy   PDF File Pet Registration
  line   line
  PDF File Authorization to Release Credit Information   PDF File Pet Registration Form
  line   line
  PDF File Bank Draft Authorization   PDF File Property Viewing and Key Agreement
  line   line
  PDF File Co-Signer Agreement   PDF File Rental application
  line   line
  PDF File Condition and Inventory Form   PDF File Tenant Information Form
  line   line
  PDF File Paiment Pledge
  line   line

Collection / Violation Notices

  PDF File Check Returned Notice   PDF File Notification of Breach of Contract
  line   line
  PDF File Final Notice Before Legal Action
  line   line

Useful Online Filling Forms

  HTML Fillable Amendment of Lease   HTML Fillable Residential Lease
  line   line
  HTML Fillable Lease Termination Agreement   HTML Fillable Tenant Notice of Invoking Option
  line   line
  HTML Fillable Memorandum of Lease   HTML Fillable Tenant's Notice of Terminating Tenancy
  line   line
  HTML Fillable Notice to Landlord to Make Repairs
  line   line

Audio Resources

  Audio Link Civil action suits   Audio Link Prohibited practices
  line   line
  Audio Link Emergency residential rent regulation and control   Audio Link Rental property claims
  line   line
  Audio Link How Liable Is A Landlord?   Audio Link Tenant rights
  line   line
  Audio Link Implied warranty of habitability   Audio Link Tenant's duties
  line   line
  Audio Link Landlord rights   Audio Link What's the time limit for filing a complaint?
  line   line
  Audio Link Landlord's duties   Audio Link Who enforces these laws?
  line   line
  Audio Link Lead based paint disclosure   Audio Link Who investigates complaints?
  line   line

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